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A science fiction audiobook series.

Meet Ejoq Dosantos: loner, nomad, and professional gunner for corporate and privately-owned armed merchant vessels.

In a future filled with pirates, venal business interests, and interstellar intrigue, the fates of people, ships, and entire worlds can sometimes be in just one man's hands.

Star-spanning super-nations, high technology, and good old-fashioned greed!

Better take a deep breath!

Eddie K

Eddie K

An audio sitcom for the slob in us all!
Eddie K

Portly, middle-aged, modern day lounge singer, Eddie Kosnofski, is on his way up!

Okay, not really. But he wants to be, which is all he needs to keep on swinging...despite cynicism, anger issues, and questionable talent. With his best friend and agent, Salvatore Deretti, by his side (a lowlife living the high life), and a kooky collection of friends and foes in his face, Eddie hurtles through temper tantrums, bizarre accidents, and oddball humiliations.

The sky's the limit for Eddie K (but the gutter ain't so bad either).

WARNING: NSFW, due to rough language and crude humor!

Moses, AZ

Moses, AZ

An audio short story series about laughter and life a mile in the air.
Moses, AZ

Nestled in the tumbling White Mountains of Arizona is a small town filled with ordinary folks, living ordinary lives.

Except when they aren't, and when they don't.

Moses, AZ is an audio short story series playing out among the clay and volcanic cinders of the Mogollon Rim -- a place where almost anything can happen. Drama and humor walk hand-in-hand, while ravens watch the world with knowing eyes, and turkey buzzards float upon thermal avenues in the sky.

It's a town just like any other. Or is it?

Motherload -- Book 01 of the Stardrifter Series


A remote corner of a bleak system...
A broken-down gunboat, stuck in space...
An incompetent captain and a misfit crew...
A pirate ship, a silent target, and a whole bunch of secrets...
So how's your day going?

There have to be easier ways to make a living -- easier than dying slowly in an obsolete boat, as its power drains out and life support fails. Forget the job; forget the pirate problem: there's only time for a desperate jury-rig and maybe a little hand-wringing! And anyway...what are the odds of running into trouble way out there?


Street Candles -- Book 02 of the Stardrifter Series

Street Candles

A Spacer's Rules For Success:

  1. Never be desperate
  2. Never do more than your job description
  3. Never, ever go down the well...

Ejoq needs work. The tramp starship GRIZZELDA needs a gunner. But what starts as a last-minute personnel replacement soon turns into something far more, with a non-functional duty station, his predecessor's emotional fallout, and a deeply buried secret that will change the course of nations.

Through a dark odyssey across a violent, frozen world, and a haze of lies and shadowy clues, Ejoq will face frenzied zealots, frightened elitists, and dangerous mercenaries on an unknown mission.

Revolution, intrigue, and battles among the stars. Better take a deep breath...

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Hull Breach -- A Stardrifter Short Story

Hull Breach

A sixteen year old girl, living on a space station, finds herself at the crossroads of her life. Tallu B'teni needs a new direction, and her decisions will affect everything she knows.

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Eddie K -- Season One

Season One

From a simple drive across town, to dangerous circus hijinks, Eddie and Sal find themselves in one bizarre adventure after another!

Will Eddie ever get his big break? Will Sal ever pay off his loansharks? Can they possibly keep from killing each other, before we even find out?

Eight hilarious adventures for your dancing and dining pleasure.

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Paging Doctor Eddie


Sal is finally getting his ulcers taken care of, and Eddie is there to lend his own particular brand of comfort and support!

Between new friends and an old enemy (the diabolical Jimmy Bone), health and happiness are just one cut away!

Adoring fans, angry bears, and Our Man In Yonkers! Turn your head and cough!

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Nathan Grieder arrives in Moses, with no intention to stay beyond breakfast...but when he meets Marshmallow, everything changes!

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